Citizen&Darling is a clothing line designed to build awareness and support to the ever growing epidemic of modern day slavery and human trafficking. 27 Million. That is how many men women and children worldwide have been estimated to be a victim of human trafficking. That statistic alone ignited two long time friends, Karina and Christina to put their strengths together to make a difference. They hope to inspire others to take action along side them. Karina, a graduate of the Fashion institute of Los Angeles, and Christina, an aspiring psychologist with a background in philanthropy, knew there would be a way to collaborate for change. Citizen and Darling is about expressing your personal style and bringing change to another life. We strive to connect freedom fighters with amazing non-profits who are saving lives everyday. Just as the free can show their identity through fashion, it can also represent the millions in bondage. The victims of Human Trafficking range from every age, country, race and background, but are all precious children of God.


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